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Labdesk were an early adopter of the platform, and we love it. The Contract Builder allows us to easily get NDA’s in place and more importantly, solid contracts for our MSP customers.

The Contract Reviewer instantly showed me an area of concern in a contract which allowed me to have an important discussion with the other side and mitigate risk in the business.

Through the Contract Builder tool, I was able to create a bespoke Master Services Agreement in seconds, send it to my client and have them sign it in the same day. A record for us!

Contract Builder

Quick and simple

Create contracts with simple questionnaires


Best-in-class contracts at a fraction of the price of a lawyer


Standardise your contracts and improve accuracy

Designed for your business

Every contract has essential clauses for technology businesses

Contract Reviewer

AI-powered legal review

Shorten your sales cycle with contracts reviewed in minutes

Clause-by-clause analysis

Quickly identify risks and how to mitigate them

Improve negotiations

Know exactly where to negotiate or push-back

Instant risk score

Receive a risk score and summary of issues

Contract Manager

Central contract hub

All your contracts in one secure platform


Sign contracts quickly and close deals faster

Automated contract renewal and termination reminders

Never miss an important contract date

Strengthen your valuation

Prepare for Exit with organised and compliant contracts

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